Cannes I ask you a question

cannes_kolb_01_big.jpgWelcome trivia lovers, it’s that time of the week again, are you ready for some travel trivia? Last week I asked, “Which French city hosts a world famous international film festival?” If you answered Cannes, then you know your festivals! Let’s learn a little more about this film fest.

Cannes Film Festival was created in 1939 by Jean Zay France’s Minister of Education and Fine Arts. It was, at the time, known as the International Film Festival and the first year was actually delayed because of World War II. Because of this the first ever Cannes Film Festival was actually held 7 years later in 1946. It is an annual event, held in May where invited guests are able to preview movies from all genres including documentaries. It is the most prestigious film festival in the world, with close second and thirds coming from the Berlin Film Festival and the Venice Film Festival. Jean Zay created the Cannes Film festival to avoid all of the fascist films being shown at the Venice film festival.

In 1952 the home of the event was moved to Palais Des Festivals. It was restored in 1982 and now houses 18 auditoriums. Everyone at the event is an invited guest and hoping to win the prestigious Palme d’Or award. This honor is bestowed upon the favorite film of the festival. The award itself means gold palm in English and is made out of 24 carat gold.

The event is run by 850 staff members who change out the red carpet 3 times a day to keep it looking fresh for all the guests. The city of Cannes normally has a population of over 73,000 people but swells to 200,000 during the film fest.

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