bourbon-street-in-new-orleans-on-mississippi-river-cruise.jpgWant to experience the Big Easy? Check out what Brittany did while she was touring this fun city. Plus as a bonus her time spent in New Orleans was for scouting a new location for a potential upcoming group trip! Like what you hear and make sure to stay tuned for information on this fun group!

“New Orleans was amazing! I didn’t have much for expectations going in, because I really didn’t know much about New Orleans. There is so much history, and culture its incredible!  History has never been my main reason for visiting a place, but when you are there it is fascinating to hear about all the stories and tales of the city.  We did a ton of great tours! This is a destination that really appeals to many different crowds – history buffs, foodies, culture enthusiasts, bar/drink enthusiast. They had so many drinks that were created right in New Orleans- like bitters- the bitters we use in our Wisconsin Old Fashions was created in New Orleans by a doctor to cure illness!  It does have a lot of qualities of a typical big city – but was a very fun city to just go wander around.  The tours were a great way to get an over view of the city and get a locals opinion on some of the great places to stop.”

Overall it looks like Brittany had a great time in the Big Easy! And like she said, whether you like history, dining, drinking or culture their is truly something in New Orleans for everyone! Stay tuned for more information on the pending group trip to NOLA or give us a call today if you are looking to travel there on your own!

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