Chicago in the Springtime

Chicago_Lakefront_2.jpgFor those of you who follow our blog regularly you will know we often post various publications on Chicago. This is because, it is a great destination to travel to that is not too far away from us here in Oshkosh. The city offers endless possibilities and makes for a great weekend getaway. I wrote a blog during the winter on the best things around Chicago during the cold months, and now that the sun has been coming around more often, I figured I would highlight the spring attractions as well.

First off Chicago is a great sports city. And you don’t have to be a fan of any one particular team to enjoy the great venues. If you are around the Windy City this spring why not take in a Cubs or White Sox game. I recently went to Wrigley Field to watch the Cubs play the Colorado Rockies. The great thing about Wrigley is that the ticket price is cheap and there is definitely a lot to do other than just watch the game. The stadium itself really transforms it’s visitors back in history. Although it has gone through extensive renovations you can still feel that old world charm that only certain stadiums can give you.

Second are the great street festivals. Chicago has so many different and diverse neighborhoods and it seems like once the weather gets nice there are several a weekend throughout the spring and summer months. Whether you are interested in music, food, wine, etc. there is truly a different festival for all types of people and interests.

And speaking of neighborhoods, have you explored some of Chicago’s best? Sure when we think of visiting the Windy City we often spend time downtown, near the river or beach, but have you ventured away from the main strip? Lincoln Park is a cool area with amazing restaurants and shopping. The Ukrainian village is full of history, culture and some delicious Eastern European favorites. What about China town? If you want dim sum that is out of this world, then China town is the place to be.

And finally the beach. Did you know Chicago has one of the best beach bars in the United States? Oak Street Bar and Grill serves up food, drink and a beach atmosphere that makes you definitely feel like you are on the ocean. Where else in the world can you be sunning yourself in the sand and turn around to see skyscrapers only blocks away. Chicago is a truly unique city in all that it has to offer.

My final suggestion for a weekend spring trip to Chicago would be a show. Whether you like musicals, theatre, comedy or shakespeare in the park Chicago has it all. Some people believe you have to go to New York to see great productions, but did you know that some of our favorite actors and actresses started out right here in Chicago? David Schwimmer, Seth Meyers, John Candy, Bonnie Hunt, Steve Carell, Stephen Colbert, Amy Poehler, Tina Fey and so many more I would need a whole blog just to write out all the names.

So, if a weekend in Chicago is something you would be interested in, it’s time to call Ambassador Travel at 920.236.7777 and learn more about transportation, hotels and tickets to any and all of these events!

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