Friday Finds


I recently had the opportunity to speak on a Podcast for travel agents regarding social media and must have gadgets for travelers. I figured I would share with you all some of my picks for anyone whether you are a travel professional, travel for work or just love to travel. Let’s dive right in for the must have gadgets of 2016.

  • Smart Watch
    • Smart watches are an amazing travel accessory. I know for people traveling for business having your emails/texts right on your wrist is a handy accessory. Plus sometimes it’s nice to be able to flip on your internet once the plane lands without having to try to reach for your phone.
  • Go Pro
    • What a fun way to relive vacation memories. Whether you are hiking a volcano in Hawaii or zipping through the jungle in Mexico this is a cool way to show off your fun filled vacation. Plus you can upload it to all your social media platforms and share it with friends and family! Make sure to send us a copy here at Ambassador so we can relive your trip with you!
  • Backup Charger
    • These little puppies will charge your phone without having to plug it in the wall, so great while you’re on the go. I know for me when traveling I love to take pictures, snapchats, and videos and my phone can never stay charged during a full day of activates. Having a backup charger is the perfect way to never miss that perfect snap shot again!
  • Personal wifi:
    • Having your own hotspot, especially when you’re traveling for work is a must. Never try to track down an internet cafe or McDonalds ever again. These can be purchased generally through your cell phone provider and through stores like Walmart/Target.
  • Smart Converters
    • Smart converters are the wave of the future. You do not need to go buy all those little attachments with specific country/continent plugs on them now, they are all in one “smart charger”. These are great when traveling because the less clutter the better. They plug into the wall and into car outlet so they are really very versatile.

Now I want to hear from you! What are some must have tech items that have made travel so much easier/more enjoyable for you? Let me know here in the comment section or by sending me an email

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