Where in the World: Saint Martin

198212_10150182971036833_3359957_n.jpgNow we’ve all heard of extreme sports, but what about extreme airports? Yup thats right there are some airports around the globe who have been given the title of extreme due to their locations. Today I am going to talk about an airport so close to the beach that watching planes take off and land has become a spectator sport–talk about extreme.

Princess Juliana International airport located next to Maho beach on the Dutch side of Saint Martin is a must see spectacle for travel, aviation and excitement lovers alike. This is the sight of landings and take offs so close to the popular tourist beach that their are warnings for spectators. Because the beach lies directly in the flight path you are able to experience landings and takeoffs only 100 feet above the ground. Check out the image i’ve provided to see just how close to the people these planes are landing.

Runway 10 at Princess Juliana International Airport is known to draw some extreme crowds. This departure strip has become popularized for people hoping to experience jet blasts that have been known to blow viewers off into the water. Precautions have been made and a set a new set of fences have been added for extra safety due to this being a bit dangerous.

But don’t worry you don’t have to get blown into the water to experience this cool site! Many restaurants and bars around have popularized the area by having viewing decks as well as posting flight departure and arrival times so you can check out this cool sight while safety sipping on a cocktail. Hang out at Sunset bar and grill, Bamboo Bernie’s or Bliss for the best view!

Want to see this extreme travel sight yourself? Call us today at 920.236.7777

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