Travel Trivia Tuesday

Last week I asked, “The world’s tallest waterslide is known as Verruckt, what does this Kansas City attraction’s name mean?” For those of you who don’t know verruckt is a german word for insane. And for anyone who has ever seen or ridden this ride then you know why!

This crazy slide was given the Guinness World Record for tallest waterslide in the world. It is located at the Schlitterbahn waterpark in Kansas City, Missouri. This crazy water coaster sits at 168 ft 7 in tall. It is so popular that you must make reservations for a set time to ride the ride or hope for an opening by hanging out in the stand by section. Once you do manage to climb to the top of those 264 steps you will be strapped into a 3 person raft where you will be higher than Niagara Falls and the Statue of Liberty. Once ready you will immediately drop 17 stories at 60 degrees, which is steeper than the steepest ski slope, then before the ride ends you hit a hill where you drop another 60 feet. All in 10 seconds. And at the speed of 65 miles per hour you will be traveling about high way car speeds, so hold on tight!

Check out this video to see all the insane excitement that Verruckt has to offer!

30 SEC Verrückt R U Insane? from Schlitterbahn Waterparks on Vimeo.

Want to ride Verruckt yourself? It’s time to call Ambassador Travel at 920.236.7777 or visit our website

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