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12002298_10201681756321022_4181832796856991192_n.jpgFor anyone who reads our blog you know group travel is something we offer and specialize in. Each year we do a spring break family vacation group. This year’s trip was spent in exciting Cozumel, Mexico at the El Cozumeleno Beach resort. With something to do for the whole family our trip was another success! Here to tell us about her experience both as a travel professional and as a guest is owner Susie Leib who took her family on this fun filled week long vacay:

Trip to the El Coz was excellent.  Just like all the destination in Mexico, Cozumel is unique in character and what it has to offer.  It is a perfect place for those that are looking to take a step back from the hustle and bustle of our daily technology filled lives.  With half of the island electricity free it is definitely a place to disappear.
The El Cozumeleno has a great pool and swim up bar.  The 24/7 ice cream machine was a big hit with the kids.  The beach isn’t big, but the snorkeling that the resort offers far outweighs what the beach may lack.  It can be rocky in some areas getting into the water so water shoes or snorkeling fins are highly recommended.  Great snorkeling for the beginner, intermediate, and even experienced person.  Lots of variety of fish to view and if you bring some bread or a hot dog from the buffet you’ll be surrounded by many finned friends.
For those that prefer to look at the fish rather than swim with the fish the pier offers great views of the fish.  It is like looking into an aquarium – the water is breathtakingly clear.
The resort offers one buffet and one a la carte restaurant.  In the seven nights we stayed we did not eat at the a la carte restaurant, the buffet served our needs well.  The buffet is hosted in an open air restaurant with great views of the water.  They have different theme nights so there is a wide variety of food served.  The resort hosted a beach party night and hired a live band – that was very fun!  Lots of dancing and laughter.  The resort also hosted a Mexican fiesta night with a great spread of Mexican food.  We sat at tables in sand and watched the sunset – it was really nice.
Rooms are basic and not the Ritz Carlton, but for the price they are a great value.  Ocean view rooms are the only way to go when you stay here.  Staff is extremely friendly and always working hard to make your stay excellent.
Recommend taking a tour to “the other side” – the official name of the other side of the island.  We went to a beach club and enjoyed lunch and a day at the beach.  The waves are quite strong so swimming is at your own discretion.  We were no more than 10 feet into the water and had a ball getting blasted by waves.  Also enjoyed watching the waves crash into the large rock formations.
We also did a horseback tour through the jungle. Enjoyed the ride and some Mayan ruins and history.
Stopped at Chankanaab to do a dolphin and manatee swim.
The main square looks modern and is kept clean and up to date.  Huge cruise port, busiest cruise port in Mexico and the Caribbean.  Local shopping recommended at Playa Sol – all items made in MexicoJ
Cozumel is for those that appreciate a great value and have simple expectations but want a great experience.  It is a charming island that still remains one of my favorite places to visit.


One great thing about getting a recommendation from Susie is that she is always honest about how she feels about a resort. She likes to set travelers up with what to expect and for anyone interested in traveling to the El Coz she has done just that. Ready to take the family away for your own trip or want to learn more about our group travel? Give us a call 920.236.7777 or visit our website to schedule an appointment.

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