Thirsty Thursday:Majorca Wine


binissalem_grape_vines.jpgWelcome beverage and travel lovers to this week’s post on my personal favorite topic–wine. Today I will be talking about wine from Majorca, a small island off the coast of Spain. Let’s not waste anytime, there is wine to be drunk, so lets dive right in.

Binissalem is a city/region in the center of the small island of Majorca. It is one of two Denominacion de Origen or DO for short, which is the classification system of Spanish wines. This system regulates wineries and approves items labelling themselves as Spanish wines. The Binissalem region received DO status in 1991 and was the first of the two DOs in Majorca to do so. The other is called Pla i Llevant.

Now I know 1991 doesn’t seem like so long ago, but that was just when the region received it’s DO, wine has actually been produced on this Spanish island for thousands of years. It was first introduced to the area by Romans in 121 BC. Philosopher Pliny the Younger even mentions the wine of Majorca in his writings during the 1st century AD. Wine has been such a staple part and profitable factor of Majorca’s economy that even when the Moors invaded Spain the production didn’t stop. Moors were part of the Islamic faith and thus believed drinking alcohol to be a sin according to the Koran. However, producing it was a great way to make money, so they continued. The grapes of this region have gone through a lot, especially during the 19th century when the land was destroyed by the Phylloxera plague. Many of the grapes vines were replaced with almond trees until the 20th century. At this point grape production was revived because of tourism and thus results in some of the most amazing wine today.

Interested in trying Majorcan wine? Then it’s time to call us at 920.236.7777 so we can start planning your trip to the beautiful island. Don’t wine if you miss out on this great adventure!

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