One Happy Island

beach_chikees.jpgHappy Where in the World Wednesday travel lovers! Let’s take a journey to an island who’s motto is “One Happy Island”. Who wouldn’t want that kind of an atmosphere on vacation! Aruba is a unique country unlike any other island you’ve ever visited. Let’s learn more about your next must visit travel location.

Located in the South Caribbean sea, Aruba is a small island with a lot to offer. One great attribute is that Aruba is located outside the hurricane belt, making it great for travel year round, unlike many other caribbean islands. This Dutch owned nation is located just 18 miles off the coast of Venezuela and measures 20 miles long and 6 miles wide.

The capital, Oranjestad, was named after the Dutch royal family meaning House of Orange. Other Dutch owned countries include: The Netherlands, Curacao, and Sint Maarten. But, the Dutch were not the first to arrive. The island has been inhibited since 1000 A.D. when the Caquetios Amerinds from the Arawak tribe emigrated from Venezuela to escape the Caribs. The Europeans arrived in 1499 with Amerigo Vespucci’s Spanish expedition. The Netherland’s acquired the island from Spain in 1636.

So what is there to do on this tiny but exciting island? Well I’m glad you asked! Aruba, unlike many other Caribbean islands is dry and arid. This makes for great weather because it is warm, but there is always a nice breeze. And warm breezy weather is perfect for beach and water sports. Check out Eagle beach where you can enjoy water sports, rent equipment and catamarans. Or maybe you would rather swim at the beach? Then Palm beach is for you! Although littering is never ok, Aruba takes it very seriously at the beaches especially. Leave your garbage and you could be slapped with a $275 or more fine.

Spend a day of your trip enjoying Arikok National Park. here you can explore caves, dunes, cliffs, gold mines and enjoy the vast wild and plant life. But make sure not to pick any plants, especially the cacti, they are protected! One cool feature of the Island is the Watapana or divi-divi trees. These funny looking plants are all bent southwest, which just so happens to make it nearly impossible to get lost on the island. This is because almost all the resorts on the small island are located to the southwest. So if you ever find yourself lost just go in the direct these funny little trees are pointing you in.

Ready to check out Aruba for yourself? Give us a call today 920.236.7777! And ask how we can send you to “One Happy Island”

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