Travel Trivia Tuesday

seans-bar.jpgLast week I asked, “What is the oldest bar in Europe (maybe the world)?” If you answered Sean’s Bar in Athlone, Ireland then you know your pubs! So how old is this bar and can you still visit it today? Let’s find out!

Sean’s Bar, locally known as just Sean’s is located on the west bank of the River Shannon in the small town of Athlone. Originally Luain’s Inn this Irish pub has been in operation since 900 A.D. thats over 1100 years! When it was renovated in the 70s wattle and wicker (two building substances) were found in the walls. These materials were tested and dated back to the 10th century. The discovery was confirmed by the Guinness Book of World Records in 2004, when they named Sean’s the oldest bar in Europe. There is an ongoing investigation into finding the oldest bar in the world, and currently Sean’s is the oldest found.

The bar is a true museum of it’s history all on it’s own. With the sawdust floors and open air fireplace this pub transforms visitors throughout its long life. One attribute that helped date the bar all the way back to the 900s was the fact that their is a record of every owner since it’s opening in 900 A.D. Sean’s was even briefly owned by artist Boy George during 1987.

Today it is definitely a tourist and local favorite. With live  music, perfect pints and old world charm this is the perfect stop the next time you’re touring the Emerald Isle.

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This week’s travel trivia: “The world’s tallest waterslide, Verruckt, is located in Kansas City, Missouri, what does it’s name mean?” 

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