Connie’s Hux Review

8c7839124ae22c4a8b72614bc295b454.jpgConnie has visited Secrets Huatulco many times before this and there is a reason she keeps going back, this time with a group. I love hearing about this resort and seeing pictures because the setting is absolutely stunning. Let’s hear from Connie about her latest trip to Huatulco, Mexico:

“Traveling with a group is a great way to leave the driving to us.  We were also able to have a private check in at the hotel with snacks and drinks brought to us.  The hotel did a great job with the request for the guest.  We had special tumbler cups made for everyone in the group. The cups made it a great way for people that didn’t know each other in the group to know that they are traveling together.  The Secrets Resort provided great entertainment and if you wanted you could travel to the Dreams Resort for dinner and check out another resort in area.  The taxi was a short ride to town and costed $7 each way and from the hotel to the mud baths it was $5.  The mud bath was $10 USD.  The nice thing about this hotel is the entry level room at the resort is ocean view.  The restaurants do not require reservation (exception the Hibachi).  Castaway for lunch was my favorite.  The rooms were very modern and nice.  I would definatly go back!”

Looking to experience Huatulco yourself? It’s time to call Ambassador Travel. 920.236.7777 or set up an appointment right on our website

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