Mayan Mixed Drinks

Prepare yourself for the weekend by indulging in our featured drink of the week–Xtabentun. This Mexican delicacy dates back to Mayan times and can be served in countless different ways. Lets learn a little bit about it’s history and how resorts are implementing it into their menus.

Xtabentun is an anise and honey flavored liquor. It’s origin comes from Mexico’s Yucatan Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 1.28.14 PM.pngregion. It is made from fermented honey from the Xtabentun flower, anise and rum. Like I mentioned above it dates back to the Maya who drank the fermented honey beverage with tree bark. When the Spanish arrived they didn’t like the taste of the bark and added anise, making it similar to today’s version. It is a drink served in a variety of different ways, it can be drank straight on the rocks, as shots or served as a margarita known as Maya Margaritas.

Looking to try the drink yourself in it’s home country? The Grand Velas Riviera Maya is putting it’s own twist on the ancient drink by creating it’s Xtabentun cocktail. It is served at the hotel’s rooftop bar called Sky Bar. This drink includes Xtabentun, Pineapple, club soda, lime juice and orange slices. This fun beverage gives you a history of Mexico with a vacation lovers twist.

Ready to head off to the Grand Velas and try out this drink for yourself? Give us a call today at 920.236.7777

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