Trivia Tuesday Madagascar

1-Madagascar.jpgLast week I asked, “Which Island has been dubbed the 8th continent because of it’s biodiversity?” If your answer is the Island of Madagascar then you are correct! Because of their exclusive animal and plant life that are only found here, this Island, located in the Indian Ocean is a traveler and biologist’s dream!

Located off the coast of south east Africa, this Indian Ocean Island is spectacular. From it’s history to it’s plant and wildlife Madagascar is a bucket list trip for sure. AS the 4th largest Island in the world Madagascar is home to 5% of all the earth’s plants and animal species. Of these, 90% are unique to the island and can’t be found anywhere else in the world. One of it’s most beloved animals is the lemur. Considered sacred in Madagascar, there are currently 103 different species of lemur on the island.

So how did this small piece of land end up with so much biodiversity? Glad you asked! Madagascar broke off from Africa 165 million years ago along with parts of Asia. It was attached to what we know today as India, and it broke off from there over 100 million years ago. Because of this, the island was able to retain a broad diversity of plants and animals, isolating them in the middle of the Indian ocean. Settlement of the Island began from 350 B.C. to 550 A.D. and with a population of 22 million, the Island has only grown since then. Once owned by France, Madagascar’s official languages are French and Malagasy.

Another great attraction for traveler’s is the Toliara Coral Reef. This reef is the 3rd largest in the world and a dream destination for divers and snorkelers alike. Located off the southwest coast of the island, this reef is protected by the county and a high point of pride for the people and government.

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This Week’s Travel Trivia Question, “What is the oldest bar in Europe?” 


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