Travel Trivia Tuesday

Usuki+Lantern+Festival+Celebrated+Himeji+VkAJcUAqvKPl.jpgLast week I asked you Where the Usuki Bamboo Lantern Festival was held. If you guest Japan then you are right on! Lets take a closer look at the city and the festival, a must for culture loving travelers.

Usuki, Japan is located on the east coast of the Island. The city is very well known for their festivals, the famous stone buddhas as well as their main export–soy sauce. The Usuki Usuki+Lantern+Festival+Celebrated+Himeji+yNk4eUcIltYl.jpgBamboo Lantern Festival is  held every year in November. It is also known as the Takeyoi Matsuri. Here you can see over 20,000 lanterns both lit and set up as art and in the main attraction, which is the competition.

The competition consists of thousands of lanterns placed on top of 9 foot tall bamboo rods. The goal is to try to knock opponents lantern’s off of their bamboo rods. Other activities include parades, many choruses and traditional music and dress.

To learn more about the Usuki Bamboo Lantern Festival or for any information on Japan please call Ambassador Travel Ltd. at 920.236.7777 or visit our website to schedule an appointment with one of our excellent Travel Planners.

This week’s question: “At which U.S. festival is a large wooden effigy burnt on the Saturday of the weeklong event?” 

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