Red Hot Ayers Rock

uluru2.jpgLast week I asked, “What/Where is Uluru?” Now you may not be familiar with the word Uluru, but how about Ayers Rock? That’s right Uluru is the Aboriginal name for the famous rock formation in Australia–Ayers Rock.

Uluru is a sandstone rock formation located in Australia. It is a sacred site to the Aboriginal people located in Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park. It is recognized as a UNESCO world heritage site that has become a hugely popular attraction in Central Australia. Ayers Rock is the English name for the Pitjantjatjara word Uluru.

Although people have been inhabiting the area near Uluru for over 10,000 years the Europeans came to area in the 1870s. Land surveyor William Gosse spotted the rock formation in 1873 and named it after the Chief Secretary of Southern Australia Sir Henry Ayers. Both names are accepted universally for the UNESCO site.

This famous landmark appears to change colors at different times of day depending on the position of the sun. It holds great religious significance for the Aboriginal people, some parts of the rock aren’t even allowed to be photographed because of it. Tourism began in the 1950s. Today you can access the park for $25 per person with a 3 day pass. Here you can join a guide to learn the myth and legends that surround Uluru.

This Week’s Trivia Question: “Where is it unlucky to give a clock as a gift?”

For more information on Ayers Rock, Australia or any of our Trivia Tuesday information please call Ambassador Travel at 920.236.7777

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