Where in the World: Monte Carlo

Endless_Nights_Monte_Carlo_Monaco.jpgMonte Carlo is part of the Principality of Monaco, bordered by France and the Mediterranean sea. It sits along the French Riviera giving it’s residents and visitors spectacular views. A principality is a government style ruled by a prince. Today, Monaco is still ruled by the decedents of the Grimaldi family, which is the oldest ruling house in Europe. Prince Albert II is the current ruler. He is the son of Prince Rainer III and American actress Grace Kelly. Monaco has been an independent country since 1297 and up until 2002 had to be ruled by a direct heir of the Grimaldi family or it would have become part of France. The treaty ended in 2002, although a direct member does still rule the small nation.

Monaco is the 2nd smallest country in the world, just slightly larger than Vatican city. Monte Carlo is an area of Monaco. It is not considered a city because the entire country is only 1.24 square miles. Known for casinos, lavish displays of wealth and rich foreign residents Monte Carlo is a rich person’s playground. Some of the notable residents include: U2 Singer Bono, 1st in the world Tennis player Novak Djokovic, German photographer Helmut Newton, Beatles Drummer Ringo Star and several other Formula 1 race car drivers and athletes.

Monte Carlo is an easy trip from Nice, Cannes, as well as other French Riviera cities. It is located just under 10 hours to the south east of Paris. Most of it’s tourism comes from its attractions as well as the Monte Carlo Grand Prix and the tennis Monte Carlo Masters.

Each year in late May or early June lovers of Formula 1 racing gather together for the annual Grand Prix. This street race has drivers maneuvering the tight corners and narrow streets of Monte Carlo. Others show up to the opulent city for the Casino, built in 1863. With spectacular views of the Mediterranean as well as a business professional dress code, this casino is not playing around (get it). If you are planning on traveling to this fabulous country, a stop at the Palais Princier: Les Grands Appartements is a must. Formerly a fortress, the now resident of the Prince was restored in 1949 by Prince Rainer III. Daily tours are held, along with audio guide.

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