The Eternal City

rome.jpegWelcome back trivia lovers. Last week I asked you to finish this popular phrase, “All Roads Lead to _________.” If you answered Rome then you are correct. Although this is a popular phrase, do we know where this comes from and how it transformed into the well known idiom of today? Well lets take a look shall we:

The phrase literally means no matter how you get there, as long as you get the right answer that’s all that matter. The process isn’t important its the destination. I had a math teacher that used to say, “There are many roads to Grandma’s house,” which essentially had the same meaning. There are many ways to solve a problem, and they all are good as long as you reach the right answer. This, skip-the-line-ancient-rome-and-colosseum-half-day-walking-tour-in-rome-114992.jpgwhat we assume, modern phrase first came into popularity in the 1100s. It comes from the idea that everything leads to the center of all things and that meant the Roman Empire. The Roman Empire had one of the most complex infrastructure systems of the ancient world, with more than 53,000 miles of roadways throughout the empire, each leading directly from each provence to the city of Rome.

Rome was founded in 753 B.C. by Romulus and Remus, brothers that battled to the death Rome_2696260k.jpgfor Romulus to rise up and start the beginning of this epic empire. Today 3.7 million people live in the Eternal City, which means almost 3,000 years after it’s founding Rome is still thriving. At it’s peak in 117 AD, the Roman Empire spread over 2.5 million square miles. Modern Rome, however, did not become the capital of Italy until 1870. Today it is a bustling city and tourist destination. With thousands of years of architecture, culture, traditional food, fashion as well as adventure this city is a must see on every travel lover’s bucket list.

This week’s trivia question: “What/Where is Ulurer?” 

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