Viva Las Vegas

Good morning everyone! It is Makin’ Memories Monday and I am here to serve you up a great dose of memories. Travel Planner Shauna just got back from a great weekend in Vegas, and is here to share her experience! Check it out below:

monte-carlo-hero-image.tif.image.1152.495.high.jpg“After returning from Vegas last week it reminded me again of why I love to travel!  Trying new foods, seeing great shows, people watching when relaxing with a cocktail, basking in the warm sun….it is truly my therapy!
My sister, Melissa, and I traveled to Vegas staying at the Monte Carlo, which is one of my favorite hotels.  I love the location on the strip as well as the rooms, the décor is very relaxing!  I had asked for an upgrade to a strip view room (always ask for an upgrade and if it is offered at no charge, bonus!) and loved our view.  I looked out every night to see the great lights of Vegas!  My cousin met us in Vegas and he stayed at the El Cortez, which is located downtown on Freemont Street.  The El Cortez is the oldest casino in Las Vegas, that has not had an update, and it sure has the charm of “Old Vegas”!  Not being a big gambler, it was perfect for me, I learned how to play Roulette there and it was only $1.00 to per play!  As easy as this game is to play, they were patient as I learned the ropes of the game not to mention I enjoyed their free drinks while playing!   
Speaking of Freemont Street, I had some eye opening experiences with locals who were looking for tips by being on neon-casino-signs-lit-up-at-dusk-el-cortez-fremont-street-the-strip-las-vegas-nevada-usa.jpgdisplay and having your picture taken with them.  I also found some amazing artists (spray paint artists, dancers, instrument players, etc).  Great talent!  We were on Freemont Street on Fat Tuesday, which led us to Labayou Casino, what a party!!  Lots of beads, great Cajun music and fun entertainers.  Of course we took in the “Freemont Street Experience,” which is the computer generated show over the top of the street. The night we were there the band, Heart, was featured. What great music and light show! 
My cousin introduced us to some new areas of Vegas that I had not yet ventured to, the first was an area of Vegas that had some great antique stores.  Lots of old Vegas memorabilia, old Vegas hotel equipment including the Riviera, that sadly just closed last May, and my favorite, which was a store dedicated to the what I would guess to be the 1950’s or 1960’s.  They had lots of old furniture including a complete kitchen set-up that reminded me of my Grandparents home, what great memories that store brought back for our family!  From there we traveled to an area called “Paradise Palms”, it is a subdivision that used to be occupied by entertainers such as Sammy Davis, Jr., Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Joey Bishop.  The current owners of these homes have restored them and you feel like you have been transformed back to the days of these entertainers being in Vegas, fun vibrant colors and interesting architecture.  Last we made a point of stopping at “The Container Park” located kiddie corner to the El Cortez.  It is a fun area that offers small shops and restaurants with the middle of the park for seating.  We ate at the Mexican restaurant, Pinches Tacos, AMAZING authentic food!  We all ordered different foods so we could share and try.  I suggest doing the same!  We ended our lunch with a “Halo Halo” at The Chillspot.  It was a delicious international dessert featuring unique fruit toppings when blended together was heaven!
Our last dinner was at The Golden Steer which is the oldest steakhouse in Las Vegas, the popular spot for entertainers to eat at “back in the day” after entertaining.  The restaurant has not changed much in years, still the large high booths and waiters in tuxedos.  It is truly an experience that you should take in at least once!  The tableside prepared caesar salad is absolutely delicious!!
Overall another fabulous trip to Vegas, one of my favorite spots to visit in the states!
If Shauna’s awesome experience mixing old an new Vegas has sparked your interest, then it’s time to give us a call 920.236.7777. Vegas is a great trip for bachelor/bachelorette parties, weekend getaways with friends or a fun couples trip of gambling and drinks in the sun.

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