Night at the Museum

smithsonian-castle.jpgHappy Tuesday everyone! We are finally back on track with our Trivia Tuesdays, so lets jump right into it. Last week I asked, “How many Smithsonian museums and galleries are there in Washington D.C.?” This may have been a trick question because there are 17 Smithsonian museums and galleries located in D.C. and two located in New York. Either way a lot of amazing places to discover history, art, aviation, as well as biology, and various other sciences.

Air_and_Space_Planes.jpgAside from Christmas Day the Smithsonian museums and galleries are open 7 days a week and are free to visit. I personally have visited the air and space museum countless times and I love it. My uncle loves airplanes and has always been our D.C. tour guide so I have seen the Wright brother’s plane several times. It’s an incredible place that you will appreciate as a child all the way up through adulthood.

Let’s learn a little bit about this massive establishment. The annual budget for the Smithsonian is $819.5 million. They have 28 million visitors annually and house 138 million pieces of art and specimens. The Smithsonian is affiliated with 195 other museums in 45 states as well as Puerto Rico and Panama. This means that a lot of the Smithsonian’s 128 PT_Popular_3_NMNH-rotunda-with-elephant.jpgpieces of art and specimens are out on loan to various other museums and galleries around the U.S.

Looking to take a trip to Washington D.C. to visit one or several of the Smithsonian museums and galleries? Make sure to contact us, we have U.S. travel experts that are just waiting to put your patriotic vacation together! 920.236.7777


This week’s trivia question: “Name all 7 of the MODERN wonders of the world.” 


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