Brazilian booze

Welcome to Thirsty Thursday, the weekend isn’t far off and I am here to inspire you with some drinkspiration. Because we talked about Brazil’s Carnival yesterday I got to thinking about how much I want to visit the South American country. We are about to get a real taste of everything Brazil in the next few months because the Olympics are being held there this summer. And I know that that will just give me more of an itch to travel. So I decided to continue my fascination and feature Brazil’s national liquor for today’s Thirsty Thursday blog–Cachaca. home_cachaca_61.jpg

Cachaca is an alcohol similar to rum. It is made by a fermentation process with sugar cane juice. Sugar cane production was brought to Brazil by the Portuguese in 1532. The process of making Cachaca is similar to rum, except for the fact that rum is made with molasses and Cachaca comes strictly from the sugar cane juice. With 1.5 billion liters consumed within Brazil annually you can see why it is known as their national liquor.

Like rum, Cachaca has high end and cheaper versions. It can be bought white or unaged, which tends to be the lower quality and is generally used in mixed drinks. One of the most common mixed drinks that calls for Cachaca is Caipirinha, which I featured on a Thirsty Thursday blog last spring. The more higher end versions are generally aged and have a gold coloring. This type is supposed to be sipped rather than mixed to make cocktails.

Interested in learning more about Brazil? Give us a call 920.236.7777 or visit to schedule an appointment with one of our South America experts.

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