Trivia Tuesday

If you noticed we took a break last week from our normal Trivia Tuesday post to feature the various items on our website during our Website Week postings. So if you play along with our travel trivia you will have to remember two weeks back when I asked “What two countries these famous falls separate?” Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 11.10.28 AM.png

First step to answering this question is knowing what the name of what some call the most beautiful falls in the entire world. And that answer would be Iguazu Falls which separate Brazil from Argentina. Now that we have our answer lets learn a little bit about the “most beautiful falls in the world.”

According to the World Wild Life Organization there is much to be learned about Iguazu Falls. First there are actually a total of 275 falls, 14 of which make up the section of the falls pictured here in this photo. The falls contribute and sustain a large variety of plant and wild life. There are over 2,000 plant species, 66 types of mammals, 436 bird varieties, 38 types of reptiles and 18 amphibians who call the regions surrounding the falls their home. What an incredible place for wild life lovers as well as a true treasure that our earth has provided us.

The best times to visit Iguazu falls is during the spring and fall. These times give the most temperate weather as well as the best visible view of the magnificent creation. These falls are second largest in the world with first being Victoria Falls in Southern Africa. Aside from the plant and wildlife the falls sustain they also sit on the largest fresh water aquifer in the world.

Taking time to travel to locations like this can give any visitor a true appreciation to the remarkable world we live in and remember that nature is something we need to preserve for all.

This Week’s Trivia Question: “How many Smithsonian museums and galleries are there in Washington D.C.?”

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