Trivia Tuesday

Happy Tuesday everyone! Keep your week going by playing our fun trivia! Last week I asked you to match six fun facts with their corresponding states. Lets go over them again and see how you did!

1. This state houses the world’s first aquarium built in 1893 as well as the world’s first skyscraper build in 1885

2. The Original Barbie is from this state. Barbie’s full name is Barbie Millicent Roberts

3. Rhode Island could fit into this state 425 times

4. This state was the location of the first school in the United States. King Williams School opened in 1696

5. This state has the windiest city in the United States

6. The first subway system in the United States began in the capital of this state in 1897

1. Illinois
2. Wisconsin, the original Barbie was from Willows Wisconsin
3. Alaska, WOW! That is one big State!
4. Maryland
5. Kansas, the windiest city is Dodge city, not to be confused with Chicago which is only known as the windy city after being dubbed so because of its long winded politicians.
6. Massachusetts

We have image trivia this week, tell me which two countries are divided by this famous waterfall?


For more travel trivia and to find out the answer to this week’s quiz make sure to check back each Tuesday and play along with us!

For more information on any of the locations featured here or in any of our blogs please feel free to contact us at 920.236.7777 or visit our website to schedule an appointment!


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