Why Travel?

After scouring the internet for reasons why to travel I have made a melting pot of all the great ideas I’ve found and compiled the reasons I feel are the greatest. We all know there are personal, political, religious and work reasons, but these are ones I feel strongest about and should hopefully convince you to book that trip you’ve been wanting to take. So lets begin shall we. sunset-plane.png

  1. Because you can
    As Americans we have some of the most free travel laws in the world. With the ONLY exception now that we can travel to Cuba being North Korea we can go anywhere. And actually if you work with certain programs you can still go to North Korea, hence the whole Dennis Rodman thing. And aside from travel freedom with technology getting to those places is easier than ever. Want to sleep in a tent in the African Sahara, done. Want to hike Mt. Everest (and also have like $100,000), done. Want to spend a week island hoping in Greece, done. There are so many possibilities for travel now we truly need to take advantage of it.
  2. Travel opens the mind
    With the world becoming smaller and smaller due to easy travel we are becoming a closer knit world. This means accepting other people’s beliefs is inevitable if we want to live peacefully. When you travel you get the opportunity to experience other people’s beliefs whether that is politically, through religion, their language or just their perspective due to where they grew up in the world. Travel makes people more open minded and understanding to other cultures. And if we were all a little more open minded the world would be a much more peaceful place.
  3. Travel helps you discover who you are
    When you travel, especially alone you really learn a lot about yourself. Whether it is time management, how you navigate a city where you don’t speak the language or honestly just ordering food off of a menu where you aren’t exactly sure what you are ordering. Learning about yourself is a great way to learn what you want out of life. I personally think everyone should travel alone at least once in their life.
  4. It strengthens relationships
    If you read my blog regularly than you may have already read my whole blog dedicated to how travel helps with your health specifically strengthening relationships with your family or your partner. Travel gives us time to learn about ourselves, but also the people we travel with. It can be a great test for a relationship to see how each other work in stressful situations especially the unexpected kind. It gives us a chance for greater intimacy and allows us to spend quality time together often in beautiful locations. Research I’ve read says that travel once a year strengthens both marriage and family bonds as well as significantly reduces the risk for high blood pressure, heart disease and stroke.
  5. FOOD
    One of the best parts if not the very best part of traveling, in my opinion, is the food. Whether you are at an all inclusive Mexican vacation or at a cliff side villa on the Amalfi Coast there is no better thing than food in it’s country of origin. You not only get to try new things, but regional foods are alway fresh and a lot of times homemade. I love traveling and some of my favorite foods are in Europe. I dream about crepes in France, Schnitzel in Austria and Bavarian pretzels. Plus there’s that Italian country with pretty good pizza and pasta (pause for slight sarcasm). Overall food is definitely a pleasure in life and vacation food, where none of the calories count, is always the best.

When it comes to traveling there are countless reasons to go out and do it. Whether it includes reasons i’ve listed or reasons that are personal to you the only thing that matters is that you get out and see the world! For more information on anything travel related please visit ambassadortravelltd.com to schedule and appointment or call 920.236.7777

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