Wish you were Beer

Looking for a fun day trip or maybe a weekend away right here in Wisconsin? Well what about doing a brewery tour or two. Whenever me and my husband do weekends away one of our favorite things is to find a local brewery and do their tour. Living in Wisconsin one of the biggest things we’re known for besides cheese is beer! And in all honesty most of the breweries that I’ve been to in Wisconsin also serve cheese as an appetizer.

GreatLakesDistillery-small.jpgIf beer isn’t your thing you can also do a distillery tour, which are pretty common here in Wisconsin as well. I love Great Lake’s Distillery in Milwaukee. Here they take you on a tour of their facility, give you samples of gin, whiskey, vodka, absinthe, etc. And they show you their process in making each one. It is always interesting for me to see what each brewery or distillery does that is individual to them. Great Lake’s has a barrel reserve gin which you don’t see all that often. Afterward we were given a discount on anything we purchased and were invited to sample more drinks at their in house bar. Plus you are in Milwaukee so there are so many things you can do you might as well make it a weekend trip. Make sure to contact us here at Ambassador for great rates on hotels, and any other fun Milwaukee events you might be interested in.

exterior3.JPGAlthough I have never been to the brewery, Spotted Cow is one of my all time favorite beers. Living in Wisconsin we all know the love we share for New Glarus beer. Located in New Glarus, Wisconsin this famous brewery offers guests several different brewery experiences as well as gift shops and tasting rooms. Whether you are looking for a full fledged tour or just want to sample some of their lesser known beer New Glarus Brewery won’t let you down. This is definitely a great day trip or weekend getaway location. New Glarus beers are so sought after that a Minnesota bar actually got in trouble for illegally selling them. I always made my friends and family bring me Spotted Cow while I was at college in Michigan because you can’t purchase it outside of Wisconsin. Again for more information on accommodations or more activities in the area please contact us here at Ambassador Travel Ltd.

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