Bratislava, Slovakia

fdda3efc6fbab9bc37c07486d9adbc04.jpgFor those of you who followed my honeymoon travel blog you will know one of the stops along the way was the charming capital city of Slovakia–Bratislava. Of all the beautiful locations we saw, Bratislava was by far my favorite. We enjoyed a brief day there, but it felt like somewhere I could return to again and again.

Located in the picturesque area nestled between the Danube River and breathtaking Carpathian Mountains this city boasts a great juxtaposition. Bratislava is the only capital that boarders two other countries, Austria and Hungary. This has provided it with two very different styles throughout the city. The first is the old world charm of the Hapsburg era. This will lead you to find many beautifully styled baroque churches and official buildings. The beauty of the Austrio-Hungarian influence is opposed by the Eastern European concrete block style of the Eastern Bloc.

14c7c9a3e06bdcc16b8955518a8c3ca2.jpgWhile in this charming city make sure to visit the old town where you can find shops, restaurants and holiday markets. The St. Elizabeth Church, Slovak National Museum and Clock Museum are all perfect tourist attractions for the traveler looking to learn more about the capital city. For the history lovers out there visit the old city hall where you can see a cannon ball lodged in the side of the building. This is rumored to be from Napoleon’s Army just after their victory at Austerlitz.

One of my favorite places in Bratislava was the Castle. Not only is it beautiful, the views of the city and Danube are unrivaled. A castle has resided on this site since the 9th century. The original castle was rebuilt during the 1900s, when the city was given its current name–Bratislava.

e56dbe36064381d6eb8741fc73f1f661.jpgOverall this is a great trip for people looking for history, great food and a gorgeous setting. Bratislava is located only an hour from Austria’s capital city, Vienna. And like I mentioned above boarders Austria and Hungary. It would be ideal to stay a few days in Bratislava and take a few day trips to the neighboring countries. For more information on Bratislava please give us a call 920.236.7777 or visit our Pinterest page to see photos from my trip.

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