Trivia Tuesday

Welcome back to our usual Trivia Tuesday post this week we are giving you a little states and flowers quiz. Can you match the U.S. state with their flowers? Test your floral knowledge below.

Forget-Me-Nots-flowers-25785400-900-719.jpg flowers-violet.jpg  Unknown.jpeg 1.Forget-Me-Not                       2. Violet                                          3. Sunflower

black_eyed_susan_by_scottstaley.jpg  9494e05ab52ecd9c1b77831d6466ddbd.jpg  6242436853_b0784c9dbd.jpg
4. Black eyed Susan                      5. Mayflower                           6. Wood Violet


A. Massachusetts
B. Illinois
C. Wisconsin
D. Alaska
E. Maryland
F. Kansas

Match the numbers with the letters and let us know what you come up with! I will post the answers next week and give you a brief travel review of each of these great states!


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