Share your Memories

Good morning everyone! Generally on Mondays we talk about recent adventures from clients or from our travel professionals here at Ambassador Travel. With our busy season finally in full swing I would like to show you how to get featured right here on our Makin’ Memories Monday blog.

Here at Ambassador Travel we provide a full service from the time of inquiry to your return from vacation. This is our way of making sure you have the perfect travel experience for you. Whether you are taking a family vacation, going on your honeymoon or heading out for a weekend with the girls we are here to provide you with everything that you need.

To make this the best possible experience for you we ask that you make an appointment. This can be done in a variety of ways, either by phone 920.236.7777, through our website or simply by emailing Once you have an appointment scheduled you will be matched with one of our excellent travel consultants who will take you through your options and tailor your trip for exactly what you are interested in. We generally schedule 1 hour time slots per appointment but are able to make those shorter or longer depending on your needs. We are also available outside of business hours if that would fit better into your schedule.

Once your trip is set you will be updated by us on any flight time changes as well as receive a call a few weeks before you leave, once your travel documents arrive. While on your vacation know we are available for anything that you may need even by text! Upon your return your consultant will call to check in and make sure everything went as planned. Once that is over we invite you to submit a testimonial to our website or directly to me With these reviews we learn about your individual experience as well as your travel location and resort. This is great for us and also a fun thing for everyone if we feature you right here on our Monday blog.

For more information or any questions on testimonials please email me, Amber at 

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