T(ha)ime to travel

610175_1680_948.jpgOne of the greatest aspects about traveling is experiencing new cultures and new places. One large aspect of many people’s cultures is food. The Thai are no different. If you are anything like me and Thai food is one of your favorite cuisines, then this trip is definitely for you.

Phuket, pronounced poo-ket is the largest island in Thailand. The beautiful resort town is known to the people as the pearl of the Andaman Sea for it’s gorgeous views and breathtaking beaches. And although this tranquil destination can be a relaxing refuge it also offers exciting excursions as well as indulgent takeaways.

The first settlers from Europe arrived during the 16th century to capitalize on Phuket’s tin and gem empire. From there many have settled and left their mark on the island town. With over 3 million tourists annually people from all around the world continue to enjoy the beauty and intrigue that is Thailand.

phuket-small-islands.jpgAlthough the beaches may draw in the crowds the real excitement is in the excursions. Many places offer full and half day adventures in the jungle, in neighboring towns or right on the beach. Want to hike the jungle to a secluded waterfall? What about visiting a coconut plantation or pearl farm? Take the family to see a real Buddhist temple or explore the rain forest on the back of an elephant or ATV? These excursions are all available, as well as getting to see the yearly turtle migration.

Now to the best part—the food. Food is more than just sustenance to the Thai people, it is in every aspect of their lives, it is culture. Whether you are looking for street food, high class dining or local gems, Phuket has you covered. One unique aspect of food in Thailand is that each establishment has a specialty dish. Make sure to check out the night market in Phuket for some of the best food in the city.

Overall a vacation to Thailand will be one rich in adventure, relaxation and unbelievably good food. If you are looking to escape the norm than Phuket is for you. For more information on this luxurious getaway give us a call 920.236.7777 or visit our website ambassadortravelltd.com

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