And That’s a Wrap

Thank you first of all to all of my readers, I hop you enjoyed finding out about this wonderful honeymoon I had on Viking Cruises. Today I am going to do a brief overview of the cities we visited as well as an overall review of our time here on board.

d.jpgOur first stop was in Passau, Germany where we were able to tour the picturesque little city. Unfortunately for us it was a Sunday so not much of anything was open. But, on the bright side the city was very quite so we had a fun time roaming around without really running into any other tourists. They have amazing chocolate here and we definitely enjoyed picking up some from Simon’s Cafe.

c.jpgDay two continued with a stop in Linz, Austria. We had the option of touring the small industrial town or taking a 1.5 hour bus ride to Salzburg. We opted for the latter and enjoyed a beautiful day in an even more beautiful city. Salzburg was definitely a highlight of the trip for me. We were given ample free time to wander around and visit places throughout the city. And enjoyed lunch in a local restaurant. I, of course, opted for Schnitzel, when in Rome right? I mean Salzburg.

On the third day we arrived in Melk, Austria. Unfortunately central Europe is having a major flu bug going around and we were not spared. So we spent the day watching the Sound of Music in our cabin and sipping ginger ale. It was great to see all the places we had visited the day before in the movie, and we recovered after just a short 24 hours.

e.jpgOnce healthy again we were off to Vienna, Austria. Vienna was one of the most gorgeous cities on our tour. Vienna has so much history, baroque architecture and lots to do. We had only a short amount of free time here, but we loved being able to walk around, drink some gluehwein and have a giant pretzel. This was also the night of the Mozart concert, we did not do this optional excursion, but from what we have heard it was incredible and totally a must for this tour. Definitely a city that I will return to.

a.jpgAfter leaving Vienna we headed for the Slovakian capital of Bratislava. This city came and went very fast. We had a short bus tour of the town and only about 10 minutes at the castle, but the views were breath taking. I loved walking through the town and our boat was docked only a five minute walk from downtown so we got to go out and explore a little more than usual. This was another unfortunate city though because it was New Year’s Eve so hardly anything was open. I loved Bratislava and although it did not seem to be a crowd favorite, I could definitely see myself returning.

b.jpgFinally we wrapped up the trip in enchanting Budapest, Hungary. Because of the low water levels of the Danube, we weren’t actually able to make it all the way into Budapest. We docked in a small countryside town called Kamarom and took a bus about 60 miles into Budapest. Here we had a bus tour ending with lunch in town. There was an optional boat tour, because we didn’t dock in the city, that we enjoyed throughout the afternoon. Unfortunately again because it was New Year’s day everything was closed and because we weren’t docked in the city center all of the excursions were cancelled.

Overall we have had an extraordinary time. The cruise has been great, we would definitely recommend traveling with Viking and this itinerary specifically. If you have read my previous blogs this week you will know that I have been raving about everything from the cities, to the food and finally the staff on board. The downsides to this trip were small, but definitely worth mentioning. We loved all the cities we traveled to, but we felt we did not have a lot of time in any of them. We never went inside any buildings and spent a good amount of time touring by bus. It was a very quick trip, which happens when you only spend 7 days in Europe, but there was definitely more we would have liked to see and do. That being said this trip has definitely inspired us to come back and stay in our favorite locations.

I hope you have enjoyed this journey as much as I have. Please check out all of our social media, specifically Pinterest early next week to see all the photos from our trip. Tschuss!

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