Viking Staff

viking-river-cruises-20130430144708_big.jpgToday I want to take this chance to discuss the staff working for and with Viking Cruises. We have, of course, had an excellent time, but it is almost all due to the absolutely wonderful people that have made this trip possible.

The staff on board have been so organized, here for all of our questions and keep us up to date on all the happenings. We have become quite close to some of the staff that is our age. They have given such great inside tips about local places to visit, their favorite cities and what excursions not to be missed. The Maitre d’ Davor set up our entire honeymoon celebration one night at dinner and orchestrated the set up in our room, that I shared with you all on the first night.

Other people who have been excellent, are our city guides. These are local people who work for Viking in their home cities and share their knowledge with travelers on walking and bus tours. They, like the staff on board, have great insight into the best coffee shops, shopping locations and really anything you’re looking for. There is a concierge on board the ship that is there to help with all of this as well, but I always enjoy talking to the local guides. River cruises are a very comfortable way of travel, but they don’t always leave you a lot of time in each city. So getting a lot of information from the local guides is a great way to get the best parts of a city in a smaller amount of time.

Per usual, we are having a great time and although the days are winding down we are looking forward to a New Year’s celebration tonight and I will have more about that tomorrow. For any questions about Viking Cruising please call Ambassador Travel 920.236.7777.

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