Excursion Experience

Although when you plan a Viking Cruise you already expect a lot going on whether that is exciting dinners or unforgettable excursions, they have even more if you are willing to partake. Viking is somewhat of an all inclusive experience, much like other cruising, but they have add-ons that can enhance your journey even more. When you book a Viking cruise you are getting not only a great experience, but also a lot going on.

IMG_2758.JPGThere are included excursions everyday as well as added excursions that you can purchase. These adventures can be added before you board or once you’re on the ship. This time there are 6 different excursions that you can add on, but outside excursions vary per cruise. The six provided on my cruise include; the Wachau Valley Winery Visit & Wine Tasting, Schoenbrunn Palace in Vienna, a Mozart and Strauss Concert in Vienna, a Home Hosted Visit in Bratislava, the Budapest Spa Experience, and the Godollo Palace and Gardens visit. IMG_2770.JPGEach of these different experience spans a wide variety of tastes. They are especially great because each traveler can find something they like and add it on to enhance their trip. Many itineraries also included free extra excursions. Today I was able to go to a Market in Vienna with the head chef of my ship. He brought us to his favorite shops and had a cheese and wine hour set up for us while he shopped for various menu items for tonight’s dinner.

IMG_2428.JPGAnother great add on for the Viking traveler is the silver package. This is the optional drink add on that allows you to pay for your drinks as a whole rather than individually. Through Viking cruises you are given soft drinks, tea, bear, wine and coffee during meals. Outside of meals you have to pay for all drinks aside from water, coffee and some teas. When buying the silver package, you are able to get premium coffees, teas, soft drinks, premium alcohol, along with regional beer and wine throughout your stay without worrying about paying per drink. After the first night Danny and myself realized that the silver package was definitely worth it. To make up for the price you have to drink about 5 drinks per day per person. This does not mean only alcoholic beverages, but also all the other drinks that you consume outside of meal time. If you enjoy a pre dinner cocktail or a couple Irish coffees after dinner, then it is definitely worth it.

Again, Viking has provided us with excellent service and a lot of variety to tailor our travel experience to our individual needs. If you are interested in travelling with Viking Cruises please call 920.236.7777 or visit ambassadortravelltd.com

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