Amber Abroad

Welcome to day 2 of Amber Abroad. Today I am going to discuss a few of the cities and excursions that I’ve got to experience the last few days. For those of you who love organization and knowing exactly what each day holds then you will love Viking Daily. This daily newsletter arrives in the evening and highlights all the next day’s activities. It is good to note for those of you who do not like being on a schedule that all of these activities are optional.

IMG_2520.JPGOur first city we visited was Passau, Germany. Located about an hour and a half from Munich this Bavarian gem was both beautiful and rich in culture. We were able to take a walking tour with local guides who provided insight into the city that they live in and experience everyday. And that is one of the great things about Viking, they really give you a great mix of tourist locations as well as local experiences.

IMG_2616.JPGDay two was a bus trip into Salzburg, Austria. The bus ride was just short of 2 hours, but there was also an optional walking tour of Linz, Austria, for those who did not want to travel so far. Half way through the bus ride we made a stop at Moon lake, which was one of the most picturesque locations. The Austrian Alps have provided a scenic backdrop for all of my most instagramable moments. Once in Salzburg we did about a 1 hour walking tour with a local guide and then were given 2 hours to explore the city ourselves. My husband Danny and I decided to grab lunch at a local restaurant and then hit up some of the shops. We visited Mozart’s birthplace, St. Peter’s Church as well as some of the gorgeous squares throughout the city. Once back on the boat later that evening we were able to watch the Sound of Music in our rooms, which was a fun treat to be able to see all the locations we had just toured.

So far the trip has been delightful. There are so many options for various types of travelers. For history lovers like myself we have had many opportunities for education, but all while having a lot of fun. For more on my trip, please check back tomorrow and follow us on all of our social media for pictures and even more from Amber Abroad.

To make your own memories with Viking Cruises please give us a call at 920.236.7777 or visit our website

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