Amber’s Travel Journal

VikingRiver11.jpgAlthough we stick pretty regularly to our blog schedule, I am shaking things up in the next few weeks by doing a day by day journal of my European river cruise. As some of you already know I will be taking my honeymoon over Christmas on a Viking river cruise through along the Danube. Here I will be chronicling my day by day experience as well as my favorite foods, drinks and excursions. I will make sure to include pictures, videos and whatever else I find exciting. With the average age of river cruise passengers being around their mid 50s I will be providing all of our followers with a new twist on traveling in Europe. My husband and I are 25 so this is a great way for everyone to learn a little more about river cruising as well as for people our age to see what a great way it is to travel.

For full details on my river cruise make sure to check out our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest pages as well. Links listed below for our social media sites. These posts will begin Monday, December 28th and go throughout that week. For any questions regarding these posts please feel free to contact me at


As always for more information please visit or give us a call at 920.236.7777

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