New Years Eve Drinks

Are you hosting this year’s New Year’s Eve bash? Are you looking for some delicious cocktails that will wow your guests? Look no further.  I have found some delicious drinks to start your new year on the right foot. Everyone serves champagne at their NYE parties.  Stand out from the crowd by dressing up your bubbly with a bit of fun. I am going to provide you with 3 champagne cocktails to win over even the most skeptical crowd.

54f645e0eb3c8_-_fizzy-sorbet-cocktail-recipe-zodiij-lmdn.jpgSorbet Fizzy Cocktail
Start out by placing martini glasses in the freezer for about 30 minutes, or until chilled. Fill the now chilled glass with 5-6 mini scoops of assorted sorbet colors/flavors. Top with champagne. This drink is not only fun to drink, it’s also fun to look at. Perfect for the glitzy night you have ahead of yourself. Plus, you can serve any kids in attendance their sorbet in the martini glasses to make them feel like part of the party.

54f645e1c54e2_-_orange-cherry-champagne-cocktails-recipe-clx1211-oatmji-xl.jpgOrange-Cherry Champagne Cocktail
Combine orange and cherry juice together in large bowl, stir in ½ cup of vermouth and ¼ cup of scotch. Pour ingredients into glasses and top with champagne. For an even fancier look, garnish with an orange peel. These drinks are fruity and bubbly, just what the doctor ordered. For a kids’ version, combine orange and cherry juice and top with seltzer or sparkling juice.

champagne-punch-bellini-6-of-9.jpgChampagne punch Bellini
If you’re looking to do a couple of these drinks, this one and the first one above both call for sorbet. You can definitely do both without needing too many ingredients. For this drink you will need champagne, raspberry sorbet and frozen raspberries. Scoop sorbet into glass, top with champagne and garnish with frozen raspberries.

Simple drinks like these will make a big impact on all your guests wherever you’ll be ringing in 2016.


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