Keep Traveling

In the wake of recent events we, in the travel world, have been asked about the safety of travel at this time. I was recently sent a link to a fabulous article that interviewed various travel agents and how they have been handling and responding to various questions about travel. I am going to share a few quotes with you that align with how we feel at Ambassador Travel. The article, written by Cheryl Rosen for Travel Market Report, titled So, Is It Safe to Go to Paris, examines how we should be looking at this event in lieu of all travel.

“I’d say it’s perfectly fine, go,” says Joan Eisenstodt of Eisenstodt and Associates, a leading meeting- planning consultancy in Washington DC. “You might as well ask if you should go to San Bernardino. If you are questioning safety, you should question it any place, just any place. I had a client this morning asking about a meeting in Philadelphia, and I thought, ‘Why not question the safety in Philadelphia?’  “So my answer is yes, go.”

I think here Joan makes an excellent point. We do not live in a more dangerous time than we ever have, but we do live in a time when information is more widely available. Travelling is not anymore dangerous now than it has been in the past and we will always, no matter what year it is, prepare all of our clients with safety tips no matter what city they are travelling to.

“But really, where in this world is it completely safe? Statistically the best chance of your dying is within three miles of your house. So I am telling customers, ‘Don’t stop your life. Just go.’”

The world we live in is a remarkable place. And in this day and age with the resources we have to travel to every inch of this earth, we are truly blessed. Like Nancy says above, don’t stop your lives out of fear. Now I am not saying to not use caution, we prepare out clients to use caution no matter where they travel. Going to new places, with new customs means we need to equip ourselves with the right tools to thrive in those environments. We, at Ambassador Travel, would love to help you create the best trip possible for you. We are here to make you feel comfortable, while providing the best knowledge and advice of the world around us.  Overall travel is a gift that we are meant to use and not doing so is the true tragedy.

If there are still questions or concerns, please feel free to give us a call at 920.236.7777 and we would be happy to answer any of your questions.

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