eggnog11.jpgWith Christmas right around the corner it is time to start serving up the most traditional holiday beverage that I could think of. Eggnog, like many of my other featured drinks has a highly debated history. Most reports claim it comes from England, but the debate on where the drink was made is not clear. Some say that it comes from a drink known as posset, which is a medieval beverage made with hot milk. Eggs were often added to posset as well so it seems a plausible origin. The word nog may come from the Middle English word “noggin” meaning small wooden mug, which was used to drink alcohol out of.

This drink was originally consumed by the aristocracy, because they had the resources to fresh farm products, as well as alcohol. Egg nog arrived in American sometime during the 18th century and began showing up in the colonies. At the time brandy and wine were highly taxed by the British government, but rum was available through the Caribbean for cheap. After the American Revolution rum was replaced by whiskey and bourbon as an additive to this festive drink.

0300eggnog1.jpgGenerally consumed during the months of November and December, eggnog can be homemade or bought pre-made. Traditionally it is  made with milk, sugar, raw eggs, alcohol (whisky, rum, brandy), vanilla and/or nutmeg. Make sure to order egg nog at your favorite restaurants this time of year, everyone puts there own twist on it!

Looking to try traditional English eggnog? Give us a call today 920.236.7777 or visit our website to schedule an appointment today!

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