Trivia Tuesday

Last week I asked which of Canada’s major cities hasn’t hosted the Olympics. If you guessed Toronto, then you are correct! Canada has hosted the Olympics three times: Montreal in the summer of 1976, Calgary in the winter of 1988, and Vancouver in the winter of 2010. Canada has widely participated in the games since they debuted at the 1900 Olympics. They have sent athletes to every winter games and every summer games with the only exception being the Moscow 1980 summer Olympics, which they boycotted. Canada won the most medals of any country in the 2010 winter Olympics, which was held in Vancouver.

Toronto received the opportunity to bid for the chance to host the 2024 Olympics, but it was confirmed by Mayor John Tory that they will not go ahead with their bid. Some may wonder why they would turn down the opportunity to host the widely publicized games. Most would assume that being a host city would bring in mass amounts of publicity as well as tourism for years to come. And for some cities, like London and L.A. that was definitely the case. But there are many other factors to consider as well. Athens Greece hosted the Olympics in 2004 leaving its citizens with 7 billion Euros of debt after the events. This is a factor still in Greece’s economic downfall today.

So we may have to wait a bit longer for Toronto to hold an Olympic games, but in the mean time there is much to do in this very international city. I always describe Canada as the best mix between the U.S. and Europe. It is one of my favorite countries, with Toronto being one of my absolute favorite cities in the world. While I was there I had the opportunity to have dinner at the CN tower. Standing at 1815.4 feet tall, this building was once the tallest in the world. With it’s sky deck, restaurant, and lookout level it attracts thousands of visitors daily. The CN tower also holds the worlds tallest wine cellar, so make sure to grab a glass of vino while you’re there. For all the sports fans out there Toronto is home to the Hockey Hall of fame, which showcases exhibits, records, memorabilia as well as the Stanley Cup. You could also take in a hockey game while you’re in Toronto. The Maple Leaves may be on one of their biggest dry spells in their history, but it’s still a fun activity for sure.

Toronto is a very unique city in the fact that almost half of it’s residence were born outside of Canada. What this means is that the culture and food is diverse and amazing. Stop by one of the many cultural neighborhoods including: China town, Little Italy, or Little India. Sample food from Hungary, Thailand, Greece and of course Canadian favorites. Some of my favorite food that I have had in Canada is Lebanese. It was probably the best Mediterranean food I have ever eaten.

Aside from all the sports and food Toronto also has great historical sites, the Royal Ontario museum and the Bata Shoe museum just to name a few. Overall Toronto is a diverse international city perfect for every type of traveler.

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What is the most visited city in Mexico? 

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