Brunch Beverage

Unknown.jpegThe only thing better than a cocktail is a cocktail that is acceptable to drink at breakfast. Now don’t get me wrong I love having a nice glass of wine at dinner, but brunch is definitely my favorite time to enjoy something fruity and bubbly. The Bellini is a delicious Italian beverage that is composed of pureed white peaches and prosecco. It is similar to the mimosa, but made specifically with prosecco instead of champagne because prosecco is lighter and fruitier.

This fun breakfast beverage was created sometime between 1934 and 1948 by Giuseppe Cipriani at Harry’s Bar in Venice, Italy. The name comes from a painting by famous Venetian artist Giovanni Bellini. The Bellini’s true claim to fame came with its cliental. Harry’s bar was a popular hangout for the Literati including Ernest Hemmingway and Sinclair Lewis, to name a few. Although Cipriani isn’t alive anymore and we can’t knock a few back with the great writers of our century, we can still enjoy a true Cipriani Bellini. The family who now owns the rights to the drink and name produce a Bellini base for their signature cocktail.

images.jpegBellinis can make great bridal and baby shower cocktails as well. For the new mom-to-be and any kiddos around swap out the prosecco for sparkling juice or seltzer. Either way it is sure to be a hit.

Want to enjoy a Bellini where it was created? Venice is gorgeous in the spring and summer; give us a call today to plan your next dream getaway. 920.236.7777 or visit our website to schedule and appointment.

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