You are Wright

tumblr_m5b1gdjb811qb2cg0o1_1280.jpgLast week I asked in which state was famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright born. If you guessed Wisconsin then you are correct! Although many famous people have come from our great state, highlighting Frank Lloyd Wright allows for a fun architectural adventure. Born June 8, 1867 in Richland Center, Wisconsin Wright would spend about half his life making his mark on the architectural world. Frank Lloyd Wright designed over 1,000 structures throughout his life with 532 of them being completed. You can seem many of them still to this day even though he passed over half a century ago. Wright is known for his work with the Prairie School architectural type. This design focused on horizontal lines that would remind the viewer of the prairie itself. This was a way for American architects to break away from the dominant European styles of the early years of our country. Looking to visit some of Wright’s most popular designs? Well I am here to help!

Here in Wisconsin you can visit the American System-Built Homes in Milwaukee. These low cost building systems use pre-cut materials and on site construction to cut cost of materials and labor. Two homes and four duplexes were built here and can be toured. For more information check out

homeandstudio_0_0.jpgMake your way down to Illinois to see a range of his work. Start at the Frank Lloyd Wright home and studio in Oak Park, just outside of Chicago. This is the place that FLW spent almost half of his career. And just a short walk away is the Unity Temple, Wright’s only surviving public building from the Prairie School design period. Venture a little closer to the city to the Emil Bach House. This FLW original is available as a vacation rental. How cool would it be to stay in one of his homes!

And finally it’s time to journey to arguably the most famous Frank Lloyd Wright homes—Fallingwater. Located in southwest Pennsylvania, this creation was built partially over a waterfall. This home captures the epitome of Wright’s love for mixing nature into his design.

These are just some of Frank Lloyd Wright’s designs, many others can be seen in Arizona, California and many other states throughout the U.S. If you are interested in doing a FLW tour we would be happy to help you find the perfect locations for you!

Today’s Trivia: Which major Canadian city has not hosted the Olympics? 

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