Makin’ Memories Monday

family_vacation_ideas.jpgWith the holidays right around the corner we often think nostalgically about our families and different traditions that we share. For most of us, we may not remember the gifts, but we remember the time spent together. Why not start a new tradition this year by spending time as a family on a yearly trip? Have you run out of things to buy the kids? The gift of travel is a great way to give everyone in the family exactly what they want. Whether you decide to take this trip over Christmas break, spring break or plan a summer getaway, giving the gift of memories is the greatest one of all.

family-suitcases.jpgAs the kids get older and the list for toys gets smaller consider the advantages that travel has to offer. First and foremost travel is exciting, especially when you use a travel consultant. We make planning your dream trip all about the fun, while we take over anything that would be stressful. Secondly travel is beneficial in so many ways. It will give you and your family ample time to be together, the health benefits are endless and there are many opportunities for learning. They say that travel is the best teacher, so why not take your kids to a place they’ve learned about in school. Spark their interest in history, archeology or marine biology this year. Make memories by bringing family back into the holiday season.

family-travel.jpgDon’t know where to start? No worries! That’s what we are here for. We would love to help you decide where to start off your new family tradition. For more information or to schedule an appointment please visit or give us a call 920.236.7777

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