To tip, or not to tip…

flight-attendants.jpgA great thing about working with other travel professionals is that they inspire my blog very often. Travel Consultant Connie just recently returned from a trip to California and posed the question, “should we be tipping flight attendants?” She went on to say she realizes that they do so much for us and was wondering what the standard protocol was when considering tipping our attendants in the sky. So I decided to do a little digging. I found several articles all of which had pretty much the same stance. It seems that tipping is not suggested by most airlines. They don’t have definite rules about it, but do not encourage their flight attendants to take tips lightly. Flight Attendant Abby Unger details her advice to Suzy Strutner at the Huffington Post saying,

“If you really want to tip your flight attendant, try asking three times.Unger says passengers often assume flight attendants make a lot of money, but “it’s not a very good wage at all.” Many airlines discourage tipping, she explains, and advise that the crew members turn down passenger’s first attempt at offering a tip. Try a second or third time, though, and your flight attendant will feel freer to accept. “Or just put it in an envelope and leave it on your seat.”’

According to the average income for a flight attendant is around $38,000 with many starting out at $16,000. This to me is not very much for how much work they put in. But, if tipping is going to cause anyone to feel uncomfortable or like they will get in trouble better options are buying them a nice box or chocolates from duty free or going as far to reach out to customer service with their airline and let them know how fantastic of a job they are doing.

Have you ever tipped a flight attendant? If so we would love to hear about your experience. Let us know at

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