Reign in the New Year

New Years eve is my absolute favorite holiday. I love a day when people dress their best even if it is to just stay home. I love planning out my New Years celebrations and drinking champagne and being very excited for what the next year will bring. On my hunt to find you the best possible New Years Eve celebrations I realized that everyone has a different idea of fun on NYE. With that in mind I found an article on the Travel and Leisure website highlighting 25 different New Years experiences. I also love that NYC does not rank very high on this list, because there are so many other great places in the U.S. to reign in the New Year.


I will be spending my New Year on a Danube river cruise for my Honeymoon. We will be in Bratislava, Slovakia for NYE, so you know I will be detailing the fabulous night here on the blog afterward. Check out the article I provided, there is still time to book your getaway for New Years Eve! Ambassador Travel 920.236.7777 or

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