Trivia Tuesday

national-vodka-day-line.jpgLast week I asked what percentage of the Russian Government’s income comes from the sale of Vodka. If you guessed 10% then you are right. Now, although 10% of an entire country’s revenue seems like a lot I am going to break it down so you get a better picture of just how big a role vodka really plays in the Russian government’s income. Russia is the number one vodka market in the world. With 1 billion liters or just under 265 million gallons consumed in 2014 alone, Russia accounts for 1/3 of the global consumption of vodka. That means that of all the vodka sold in every country in the world, 33% of all those sales are just in one country.  According to the World Health Organization, or the WHO, in 2011 each person in Russia consumed about 16 Liters throughout the year. That means that every single person in Russia is having at least one shot of Vodka every single day of the year.  Another interesting point is that the Russian government is currently going through a recession. What they name as the two largest components for the government’s issues are the drop in oil prices and the crackdown on drinking, which has drastically lowered the sale of vodka. You know your country drinks a lot when people cut back on drinking and it causes a countrywide recession!

Shot-of-vodka.jpgDrinking aside, Russia is a beautiful country with a lot of options for travel. I did a group tour to St. Petersburg and Moscow in 2007.  Here I got to visit historical sites, do a night train through the Russian countryside, sample some vodka and try their interesting cuisine. I love the architecture and the juxtaposition of Communist era with traditional Russian culture.  I would definitely recommend it as a bucket list item. I know that many people visit Russia by riverboat and I think that would be an amazing way to see the Motherland.

For more information on Russia as a vacation destination, please call 920.236.7777 or visit our website to schedule an appointment.

This week’s travel trivia: In which state was famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright born? 

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