Brandy Alexander

brandy-alexander.jpgAlthough my theme as of late has been warm wintertime drinks, I decided to switch things up and go with a cold beverage, but I kept the Christmassy theme. Brandy Alexanders are a common beverage here in Wisconsin, but do you know where they came from? Well, according to history and the internet, no one really does. There are several accounts, most linking its creation to someone in Britain.  The Brandy Alexander actually comes from another drink that uses gin as its main component called the Alexander. The Brandy Alexander uses cognac and crème de cacao.

Some accounts claim that the drink was created in the early 20th century for the wedding of Princess Mary and the Viscount Lascelles. Others say it was named for Russian Tsar Alexander II.  Bringing it back to England, the drama critic Alexander Woollcott claimed it was named after him. There of course would never be a real argument unless someone in our own country claimed to have made it. Historian Barry Popik gives credit to Troy Alexander, a bartender in NYC, for creating a white drink for actress Phoebe Snow to serve for an acting campaign.

images.jpegNo matter where the drink was created there is no argument that it is delicious. My family makes them at our Christmas parties as well as our annual cookie decorating on Christmas Eve. We make them as a frozen drink though. The frozen recipe calls for 1-ounce brandy, 1-ounce crème de cacao and 2 scoops of vanilla ice cream.  And in my opinion this is definitely the best way to drink it. Top with nutmeg or chocolate syrup and festive sprinkles.

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