Where in the World: Spain

Calla-Romantica-beach-Mallorca.jpgYesterday, the staff and myself had the pleasure of attending our annual conference in Chicago. The featured speaker for the day was the tourism board of Spain. Because of their presentation we thought we could use our newfound information to talk about what a great and diverse trip Spain can be. When most of us think about travelling to Spain common thoughts that come to mind are wine tours, history, culture, possibly running with the bulls, and the flamenco. But what we don’t necessarily think about is beach vacations. Spain and many other countries in Europe have world-renowned beaches and offer relaxing getaways much like the Caribbean and Mexico.

140296451_5-660x420.jpgI thought it would be fun to share some fun facts about Spain so here it goes. Spain’s official name is the Kingdom of Spain. Spain is a Constitutional Monarchy, with current King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia holding the head of state. Another interesting fact about Spain’s Monarchy is that the heir to the current throne is their daughter Princess Leonor. Which shows the progression of the Monarchy.

For those of you looking for a little adventure and a lot of fun, there is an La-Tomatina-Festival_bangalore.jpgannual festival known as La Tomatina where people throw thousands of tomatoes at each other. And speaking of food, Spain produces 43% of the world’s supply of olive oil.

Now back to those beaches, Spain has almost 5000 miles of them. And National Geographic considers Barcelona the best beach city in the world. Interestingly enough though Barcelona’s beaches weren’t even used until after 1922 when they were redone for the Olympics that year. Aside from the title of “Best Beach City,” the Discovery Channel also awarded Barcelona’s beaches as the best urban beaches in the world.

Overall Spain boasts a wide variety of activities for every type of traveller. From culture and adventure to relaxation and leisure you truly can’t go wrong. To learn more about any aspect of Spain please give us a call 920.236.7777 or visit our website to set up an appointment ambassadortravelltd.com

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