The Adventures of Brittany

Looking for the perfect Mexican getaway? Look no further; Brittany’s most recent trip to Mexico was a dream. See her review of the resorts she toured below. And then make sure to check out our Pinterest page to see pictures from all of her favorite resorts. Haven’t been to our Pinterest page? It’s definitely time to check it out. That is where we upload all the images from our favorite hotels and destinations throughout the world.

“My recent trip back to Cancun/Riviera Maya was to the beautiful Sandos Resorts.  We started at the Sandos Playacar which is a large resort with a very casual atmosphere.  The main lobby is large, with a preferred club lounge right near the entrance for convenient check-ins and drinks/snack. The resort grounds are fairly large, however the paths are all well paved and landscaped. I found it relaxing to wander the grounds.  My room was on the third floor, it was a large room, with a nice balcony that over looked the pool, large bathroom with separate shower/toilet, and a large Jacuzzi bath tub! The food was wonderful, we ate at the Seaside restaurant in the evening and had a beautiful warm breeze coming off the ocean. The beach was large and was perfect for a stroll because it is located at the end of the strip. The Sandos resorts are all conscious of our environment, and with that its inhabitants, they have a cat sanctuary, and a donkey sanctuary with two rescued donkeys that thouroughly enjoy taking selfies!

Next we went to the Sandos Caracol, which is their eco-friendly resort that is built in the jungle.  This resort is also large, and has a lot of walking to get from place to place, however it is all jungle and breathtaking. This resort has over 80 jungle activities that will entice all ages of clients.  We personally got to enjoy the Sensory Experience – I cannot explain this well enough to give it justice, except to say that it is a very personal, moving experience and I would highly recommend it. The rooms at this hotel were nice, similar bathrooms with a separate shower, toilet, and vanity area with a Jacuzzi bath tub.  This resort also has cats that live there and are seen wandering around, as well as monkey and coatis. There are a few different pools, as well as a cenote in the middle of the grounds which was extremely beautiful.  The beach at this resort is smaller, and there is quite a bit of coral and rock formations.  There are walkways that are sandy that you can get into deeper water, but you have to be mindful of where you step.  While I was there they were celebrating the Day of the Dead! Most of the staff had their faces painted, there were lots of people dressed up, especially at night for the festivities. They have a large walkway and circular area in the middle that is the center point connecting some of the rooms to the beach, there is a store there, the theatre, spa, restaurants ect.  During the Day of the Dead celebration they were lined with local people selling their goods- beautiful hand made jewelry, bags, dresses, toys, paintings ect.  They also have a large rope hanging bridge over the water that was such a thrill to walk over, you feel like you’re in the middle of a jungle walking thousands of feet in the air over a treacherous fall – when really you’re about 15 feet above soft water- but half of an adventure is in your mind right!?

The last place we stayed at was the Sandos Luxury Cancun. After two large resorts this was definitely a change of pace, in a good way! This small, boutique hotel was very relaxing. Although it is not adults-only, it is adults oriented in a way that there are not kids activities offered at the resort. The rooms were nice, I had a beautiful view of their three large pools, as well as the beach and the ocean. They had a great piano bar and opera show the night we were there. Now, before you say ‘ugh opera’ and plug your ears.. these guys were AMAZING!  They sang specially to us at dinner, and then had a show again later in the evening.  They sang local Mexican music, Italian music, and finished with the classic My Way by Frank Sinatra.  We had the luxury of being able to experience their spa, with a wonderful massage and then a hydrotherapy session. The last day we got to enjoy the beach all day, with our waitress coming right out on the beach to our Oceanside cabanas to bring us whatever drinks we wanted, and also brought out lunch – homemade pizza in their brick oven- right to us on the beach! They really know how to pamper you!”

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