Escape the Cold

2It’s not too late to book your holiday or winter travel for this year! Aruba is the perfect relaxing vacation that we all deserve. Here you can lie on the beach, enjoy a night at the famous casinos and spend your days learning to windsurf. Aruba, unlike other Caribbean islands is almost all desert. Here you can find exotic lizards and cacti as well as the famous Divi divi trees. This windblown foliage is actually an extremely helpful component if you are ever lost on the small island. Every single Divi divi tree is bent over in the same direction—southwest. Now you may be thinking, so what, I’m not good with directions, but luckily southwest is the direction of almost all of the resorts. So if you ever find yourself wandering the island of Aruba you’ll know how to find your resort.

divi-tree-arubaAruba, located a mere 15 miles off the coast of Venezuela, was claimed by the Dutch in 1636. And although it was in their possession, no Dutch people actually showed up until the year 1750. At that time the island was run off of their supply of oil and a small gold rush that led to a lucrative business for the Dutch. After the oil industry slowed, tourism began to pick up. Most of the resorts and tourist components that we know today didn’t show up until the 1980s. Tourism is now the island’s leading industry, employing a large majority of the locals.

arubaAruba is best known for its fantastic beaches. This is not a location for someone who is seeking adventure every day. Although the island is a perfect relaxing holiday vacation, it has limited amounts of excursions on land. Obviously the water sports are endless and learning to windsurf could take up a majority of your days, there are few cultural or historical places on the island. One excursion possibility is cave hiking. Here you can explore the island’s exotic caves and see where their once natural bridge used to stand. If you do opt to hang out on the beach though, be aware that littering carries a very large fee. Other than that Aruba holds up to it’s slogan, “One happy island.”

Spend the holidays in warm, relaxing Aruba and trade shoveling snow for shoveling sand, build a sandcastle instead of a snowman. Call us today to help plan your getaway 920.236.7777!

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