Trivia Tuesday: First State

state-flag-delawareLast week I asked, “What was the first state in the United States?” For those of you who guessed Delaware you are correct! Delaware became a state December 7, 1787. This may have stumped you because your original thought may have been on the original colonies. That being said, Delaware was the first to ratify the constitution making it the first state. Let’s learn some fun facts about the original member of our great country.

DelawareGapTo start out, Delaware is a great vacation destination for many reasons. First of all there is no sales tax which is a shopper’s dream. And with plenty of vacation towns shopping has no limits. For travelers who prefer a trip with culture, architecture, and history then the northern portion of Delaware is for you. Here you can find museums, historical sites as well as visit the city of Laurel which has over 800 Victorian houses most still in excellent condition.  If the beach life is more your style then it’s time to book a trip to the southern part Delaware. Although not a large state, Delaware has an array of beachfront locations. And with its endless options for busy, remote, rocky and sand coastal lines you will not be disappointed.

delawareDelaware shares not only a border with neighboring Maryland, but also a city. Known as Delmar, the city’s claim to fame is that it is a, “little town too big for one state,” which means it lies in both Delaware “Del” and Maryland “mar”.  Another interesting fact about Delaware is the state bug, which just happens to be a ladybug. And because of Delaware’s rich history and its original Finnish settlers, Delaware is the first state in the country to introduce America to the log cabin.

This week’s trivia: “________% of the Russian government’s income comes from the sale of Vodka?”

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