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One of the hottest travel destinations right now is South America. I love talking about locations that I can get firsthand accounts from our consultants, our travelers, or from my own experience. Luckily enough, consultant Liz just returned from an exciting 8 day adventure in Peru. Before we dive right into what Liz had to say about her vacation I want to preface it by saying that travel to South America is an exciting5570512c1f44ece311f4fc29522b33a5 and culture rich experience that you will read about below. It is easy to travel there because for the most part you will be in the same time zone or maybe only be losing or gaining an hour. It makes getting there and starting your adventure just that much easier. One thing to note is that Liz found this a trip for very active travelers. There was a lot of walking and was a fantastic opportunity, but it could be hard for people who can’t spend all day every day of the trip out and about. With that being said check out her amazing adventure:

“I have recently had the opportunity to travel to Peru for week. Let me start by saying that a week was not nearly long enough to experience all that Peru has to offer. We were able to tour churches, cathedrals, and museums in Lima. The Spanish and Moorish influences from the times of the conquistadors were evident in e3f9c05e38e82891412fe3c477b3dc1ethe architecture and balconies of buildings in the oldest parts of town. In addition, it was fascinating to see how the indigenous peoples blended their religious traditions with those of the Catholic conquistadors. For example, the Virgin Mary statues are dressed in triangular robes to resemble the mountains, a way to honor the “Patchimama” who is the “Earth Mother” figure.

We flew to Cusco and spent 3 nights there. After arriving we rested for a couple of hours before heading out on a slow paced city tour. The rest and the slower tour were needed because the high altitude of Cusco can cause minor health problems, like headaches and nausea, until you get acclimated. Again, the blending of Spanish and native cultures was fascinating.

The highlight of this trip was visiting the three different archeological sites of70782db706d72c9430b3b734c4d4538d Sacsayhuaman, Ollantaytambo, and of course, Machu Picchu. Breathtaking and awe-inspiring are the words that come to mind when experiencing these sites. The sheer magnitude of these places was amazing! The terraces for farming, the stones linked like Legos with no mortar, and being able to walk where these ancient peoples walked was indescribable.

One thing we learned, and I hope you have noticed in this, is that the native people were not called the “Incas”. There were many, many cultures that thrived in Peru before the society that was conquered by the Spanish in the 1500’s. The name “Inca” is really a misnomer when referring this group of people. The “Inca” was the king/ruler of the indigenous people, not the people themselves. This was a huge take away for me (being the history geek that I am).”

faf9f0cd9baca28f7c2d93c8ae7a72baNow that I have convinced you that travelling to South America is definitely the way to go give us a call here at Ambassador Travel 920.236.7777 or visit our website to schedule your appointment today.

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