Trivia Tuesday

Last week our trivia question asked, what is a lido deck? We’ve all heard of it, many of us cruise and know it has to do with a ship, but lets find out more about Cruise vocabulary.

carnival-lido-deck-2Lido comes from the Italian word that means beach. It was first used to describe fashionable beach resorts in the 19th century. Specifically the term referred to the Island Resort located on an island in the Adriatic Sea off the coast of Venice. Originally the term lido deck was used when discussing European steamships. This was the time of Titanic and other ocean cruisers where multiple classes of people travelled together but were separated to different parts of the ship. The Lido deck was the exclusive sun deck area where the pool and sunbathers relaxed in their first class accommodations. Lido in general refers to an outdoor pool and the surrounding area, or beach Lido Deckwhere people swim and tan. Now it has kind of taken on a less specific meaning, but generally refers to the open-air decks where the pool is located. This is not specifically reserved for any class of people anymore.

So now that we know a little more about cruising we can focus on the fact that Cruise month is more than half over! Time to get your sea legs people and book a cruise today! Give us a call at Ambassador Travel Ltd. 920.236.7777 or visit our website and ask for a cruising specialist.

This week’s trivia: Which cruise lines have their own private islands?

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